UI Design and Ideation
Image of a smart watch, a graph, and a location marker with a heart on it

Project Overview

Pulse is a mobile app that interfaces with your fitness watch to monitor your heart rate variability, a key physical indicator of stress. It sends a gentle notification when your HRV is low, and automatically logs the time and location of the alert. Upon receiving a notification, users can choose to open the app and follow along with a short, guided breathing exercise to return their HRV to a healthy state. I compiled research on HRV and stress management to better understand how the app should work, and I created several essential UI deliverables to help establish a visual direction for the app.


Ideation and visual direction

Defining the Look and Feel

When honing in on the visual direction for Pulse, I created a mood board to help define an overall aesthetic for the app. I chose a color palette of muted blues for their calming associations with wellness and peace, and I added a pop of warm red as both a visual contrast and a nod to the essential role of the heart in the app's function. I included minimalist and clear data visualizations to reference for the app's tracking function, an animation idea for the app's breathing exercise, and a friendly visual style for illustrations and interactive elements.


Mood boards and Overall Aesthetic

Image of a moodboard for Pulse featuring lots of cool pastel blues, warm reds, graphs, flat illustrations, and a photo of a Black woman looking at her phone on a couch

Establishing Consistent Details

To facilitate consistency throughout the app, I began developing a pattern library. I defined essential micro-interactions (like state changes for the login button) so that they could be easily repeated for other interactions within the app. I also created interface elements unique to the app, like a custom location marker that references the heart theme established in the mood board.


Pattern Library

Three columns filled with various buttons, components, and icons featured in Pulse

Putting it All Together

I took all of these elements and combined them into the final UI design for Pulse. Generous white space and subtle shifts in tone keep the interface clean and minimal while still conveying important data, and pops of saturated blues and pinks keep the interface from looking too washed out. The end result is a user-friendly experience that is on-brand and easy to navigate.


Interface designs

Photo of two iphones, one on the left shows the Pulse splashscreen, one on the right shows the low HRV event feature